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Technical Information

Towbar Weight Ratings

Your towbar will come with a sticker with up to three numbers on it, the braked weight, the unbraked weight and the tongue weight. These weights are set by the vehicle manufacturer, not us or the towbar supplier.  This sticker will list the maximum tow ratings, please refer to your vehicle owner’s manual for specific model tow ratings as they may be lower than the towbar rating.

Braked Weight

This is the amount your vehicle can tow when using a trailer with brakes fitted. The weight is to include the trailer and load. 

Unbraked Weight

This is the weight your car can tow using a trailer with no brakes fitted. The weight includes the load weight and the weight of the trailer.

Tongue Weight

Is the downward weight that your towbar and vehicle can support.

NOTE: Bike racks can often put more load on a towbar than a trailer so if you have more than 2 bikes on a rack, please use a load strap from the rack to the top of your boot lid.

Trailer Wiring

There are a few options to consider when booking your towbar to be fitted. The wiring connection is used to power the taillights on the trailer so people don’t crash into you. In New Zealand the standard connection is the flat 7 pin plug, although we can order adaptors for  the older round plugs if needed. When ordering your towbar there will be different options depending on vehicle model.

No Wiring

If you are only going to be using your towbar for bike racks, or pulling a wheelie bin up your drive, you probably don’t need a trailer wiring connection at all. Having no wiring fitted also means you can’t be pressured into helping your mates/kids/parents move house. Again.

Standard Wiring

The majority of cars that we fit towbars to only need a standard wiring kit. This simple system piggybacks off your cars electrical system at the taillights. We utilize cutless wire taps so as not to cut any of your vehicles wiring and wrap any connections in “anti-rattle insulation wrap”.

ECU Wiring

Many late model and European vehicles will require an ECU wiring module to be fitted with the trailer wiring connection. This unit isolates the load from the trailer lights from the vehicle wiring to protect the vehicles computer and prevent trouble codes. Our interfaces are designed and made in Germany.

Vehicle Specific Wiring

Vehicle specific wiring kits are designed and built to work in tandem with the electrical system of your vehicle. They may communicate with a vehicle’s other control units to alter other vehicle settings as required. They can have the capacity to modify (model dependent) vehicle systems: anti-lock braking, traction control and stability control program systems. This is definitely advantageous when it comes to towing.  Some vehicles may require coding to utilize full functionality of the vehicle while towing.

7 pin plug

The standard plug connection in New Zealand is the 7pin rectangle plug.  This is included in the wiring price and in most cases will be screwed to the underside of the vehicles bumper with 2 x galvanised screws.  For an additional charge we can also fit with a longer cord so the plug can be kept in the boot or fit a plug mount to the underside of the towbar (only available on towbars with a bolt on tongue)

Bumper Cuts

Some vehicles require a cut on the underside of the bumper to allow for the towbar to come out from underneath.  Some models require a cut to made in the bumper to allow for the towbar tongue to come through.  This varies depending on each model of vehicle.  Vehicles with plastic undertrays may also require a cut to allow for the towbar to fit.

Bumper cuts are made as small and neatly as possible and will be trimmed with black rubber pinch weld bumper trim.  Please find example images below, for more precise information on your vehicle please Contact Us.