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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

Where is your workshop?

We have mobile installers that can come to your home or workplace to fit onsite.  We cover Tauranga, Katikati, Waihi, Te Puke, Morrinsville, Te Aroha, Matamata, Hamilton, Cambridge, Te Awamutu and Rotorua areas.

Is there an extra charge for the mobile fitting service?

No, we charge the same if we come to you or if you come to meet us.

How far do you travel?

We cover Tauranga, Hamilton and Rotorua areas including - Katikati, Waihi Beach, Te Puke, Morrinsville, Te Aroha, Matamata, Te Awamutu, Cambridge, Huntly, however we often have requests from a number of people in the same area or will be close enough to make an arrangement. Just give us a call and we will do our best to get one of the team to you.  If we can’t, we have many suitable locations within our service area where we can meet. 

How long does it take?

Most jobs take about an hour and a half.

When is the soonest I can book a fitting in?

As we get most towbars built to order we need about 3-4 days, if you need it faster, give us a call to see if we have a unit for your car in stock. 

My car is in an underground or public car park, can you fit the towbar there?

We can meet you in a free public carpark or any other carpark if you have approval for us to work onsite.  Underground carparks will require adequate lighting.  Additional charges may apply

How do we pay?

We have EFTPOS on board and accept Visa, Mastercard, Q Card, Gem Visa, Farmers Card as well as Cash.  We also accept Afterpay & ZIP which allow you to pay in four equal, interest free fortnightly instalments. 

What do I do if I already have a towbar?

 If you have an existing towbar that needs removing prior to the new towbar being installed we charge an additional $180 incl GST.

Technical FAQ

What do the weight ratings mean?

The weight ratings relate to how much your car manufacturer has rated your vehicle to tow. The unbraked weight is for a trailer without brakes, and the braked rating is for a trailer fitted with brakes. The tongue weight is the downward weight your vehicle can handle on the tongue of the towbar.

What size towball does it come with?

Our towbars come standard with a 17/8 towball which is the most common towball size used in New Zealand, however we can fit a 50mm ball instead for no extra charge if requested at the time of booking. There is an additional charge of $20 if advised onsite that a 50mm towball is required.  If we are required to travel back there is an additional charge of $115. We also sell interchangeable towballs ($120) if you have two or more trailers with different couplings, hi rise towball ($120) for European caravans and ISO compliant towballs ($35) for bike racks.

Why is getting the correct towball size important?

The towball must match the coupling of the trailer/bike rack being carried.  A 50mm coupling is highly likely to slip off the smaller 1 7/8 inch towball.

Why do some towbars cost more than others?

Some cars require a wiring interface to prevent damage to the cars computer systems, some heavy duty towbars cost more as they have more mounting points and therefore take longer to build and fit. Towbars for some vehicles are only available as a detachable unit, which increases the cost.

My vehicle is under a COF, can you still fit a towbar?

If your vehicle has a gross vehicle mass (gvm) under 3500kg or under then yes, we can.  The towbar with accompanying sticker will meet all requirement for a COF

Does my car require a bumper cut?

Some cars require a small cut to the bumper which will be neatly done and finished with black rubber pinch weld bumper trim.  If the vehicle has a plastic undertray then this may also require a cut to allow for the towbar to fit.  Please see our Technical Information page for more details and photos or Contact Us to discuss directly.


Will fitting an aftermarket towbar void my warranty?

Your new car warranty can not be void by having an aftermarket towbar fitted.  New Zealand’s Consumer Guarantees Act (CGA) provides protection for consumers against faulty products, including cars.  The CGA requires car manufacturers to honour warranties and guarantees that they provide to consumers and prohibits manufacturers from imposing conditions on a warranty that go beyond what is allowed by the CGA.

What warranty is provided?

Please see our Materials and Labour Guarantee -


Are there different types of wiring for the trailer connection?

Most older cars use standard wiring which just connects to your vehicle’s taillight wiring. However, a lot of late model cars require an ecu wiring module to eliminate any problems with the extra current draw from the trailer wiring.  If ecu wiring is not fitted when it is required, it can cause problems and damage to your vehicles electrical system.  Please refer to our Technical Information page for more details.

What is the ECU wiring?

Our ECU wiring is an aftermarket system that isolates the car from the object being towed.  This is sometimes called a wiring interface.  This system is not integrated with the vehicles systems, therefore will not disable reverse sensors etc.

Where does the 7pin plug get attached to?

Typically the 7pin plug will be screwed to the underside of the bumper using 2 x galvanised screws.  We can also use a longer cord if preference is to keep in the boot or use a plug mount to attach to the bottom of the towbar tongue.  This option is available for towbars that have a bolt on tongue only - additional charges apply for a plug mount or longer cord.  Please refer to our Technical Information page for more details.

Bike Racks

Can I use the towbar for a bike rack?

You sure can, in fact if you are only going to use it for bikes and your bike rack doesn’t have lights then you could choose the ‘fitted without wiring’ option.

What towball size will I need for my bike rack?

Bike racks vary in what towball size is required e.g. 1 7/8 inch, standard 50mm, ISO compliant 50mm.  If you provide us with your bike rack specification sheet we are more than happy to assist in ensuring the right towball is fitted for you.

What if I have a hitch-mounted bike rack?

We have many removable tongue towbars with a square hitch to accommodate a hitch-mounted bike rack.  Look for our listings starting with ‘removable’ or ‘horizontal hitch’

Electric/Hybrid Vehicle Frequently Asked Questions


Can you fit a towbar to an electric/hybrid vehicle?

Yes you can!  We have fitted hundreds of towbars to electric and hybrid vehicles including the popular Tesla Model 3 and Y.  Search using our vehicle finder or contact us for options and pricing.


Will installation of the wiring effect or damage my vehicles computer system?

No, we fit aftermarket ECU wiring which is operates as an isolation unit to protect the vehicle's computer and prevent trouble codes.  

Tow Ratings

How can I find out if an electric/hybrid vehicle has a tow rating?

The vehicle manufacturer will state what each model is capable of towing, this information will be contained in the vehicle owners manual.  Each towbar listing also contains information on what your vehicle may be able to tow.  If in doubt, please contact us and we'll do our best to locate this information. Whilst this is not a legal requirement we do advise adhering to these ratings.  In New Zealand, the law requires that every light vehicle and trailer combination must be capable of stopping within a distance of 7 metres from a speed of 30km/h.  In effect, this means the maximum allowable weight of an unbraked trailer is limited by the weight and braking ability of the vehicle being used to tow it. As a guide, NZTA recommends that the laden weight of an unbraked trailer should not exceed three quarters of the laden weight of the towing vehicle - and then only if the towing vehicle’s brakes and tyres are in excellent condition.


What options do you have for my Tesla?

Please refer to our Tesla listings.

What is the difference between the swan neck removable option and the removable option?

The removable option has a square section that the tongue slot in to.  The swan neck option is also removable, it is one piece without any visible bolts with an elongated, thinner neck resembling a 'swans' neck.  Differences are explained in our buyers guide.

Is the swan neck or removable option better?

It depends on what you intend on using the towbar for and personal preference.  The removable option with square section is great for bike racks as both towball mounted and hitch mounted bike racks can be carried.  If you require both a 1 7/8 inch and 50mm towball then two tongues can be purchased allowing these to be swapped out easily if a towball change is required.  The swan neck style tends to be less intrusive but isn't suitable for most bike racks.  As the towball and tongue are one piece, the purchase of a second tongue with different towball size is more expensive.


I have a BYD, can I get an aftermarket towbar and wiring fitted?

 Yes, you can!  Please see our BYD listings for options.

Will fitting an aftermarket towbar and wiring void my vehicle's warranty?

 No, your new car warranty can not be void by having an aftermarket towbar and wiring fitted.  New Zealand’s Consumer Guarantees Act (CGA) provides protection for consumers against faulty products, including cars.  The CGA requires car manufacturers to honour warranties and guarantees that they provide to consumers and prohibits manufacturers from imposing conditions on a warranty that go beyond what is allowed by the CGA.  This applies to all manufacturers including BYD.